About Us


I'm Elizabeth, the Five-Foot Founder of The Petite Shop. This business is my dream and I'm grateful every day that I get to work (my butt off) on it. 

I have a background in Marketing and entrepreneurship, having worked in the corporate world for a short time before taking the scary but exciting leap into starting my own business for the first time in 2006. I literally put blood, sweat and tears into that company but not passion, so I sold it after five years (you can read more about these adventures in my story on Even then, the idea of an online boutique dedicated exclusively to unique petite clothing was tugging at my heartstrings.


All five feet of me!

Like so many other ladies, I love clothes.

Like so many other petite ladies, I was frustrated by the lack of options for my height. Over 47% of American women are 5' 4" and shorter, yet only a small fraction of clothing is designed to fit our shorter proportions. Huh?  

Enough was enough! Enough tailoring at $10-40 a pop. Enough shopping in the junior's section. Enough of having one option in this, one option in that in the chain stores' "petite section". 

I started hunting. Scouring. Digging. Cherry-picking. Calling. Clicking. Emailing. Traveling. Asking. Begging.

This was no "small" feat, but eventually I built an initial collection of petite specific and petite friendly options to begin launching this online boutique in the Fall of 2012. Now I get to share the joy, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of buying clothes that fit right out of the package! 

Happy shopping, and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or wish lists - I will respond. And hey, if you're ever in New Orleans (a.k.a. headquarters), look me up - I'll tell you where to get the best bread pudding in town! In fact, I'll take you there and buy you some if you help me fulfill orders.




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